Characters in this campaign will all be Dragonriders/whatever other class they want.
All pathfinder core, base, and 3rd party classes and races listed at d20pfsrd can be used along with anything from the official books not on the site yet. Dnd 3.5 classes, races, etc are also allowed but run them by DM first. Spells will be the pathfinder version unless the player wanting to use a different version has a good reason.

Characters will start out with a +1 magic weapon(player’s choice, no exotic unless you take the feat for it), and +1 magic armor(players choice, standard material to start). All characters start out with a HHH and all other starting gear as appropriate for their character. Also, players can choose to start out with +1 magical shield(non-tower) if they plan on using it for their character. All beginning items are handed out from the Dragonriders’ Quartermaster Art Acumen, so no selling of, giving away, or taking of items the character won’t, or doesn’t plan on using. Any items not handed out by the Quartermaster, characters are free to do with whatever they want.

Characters start out with 500 gold to buy anything extra they want for their character. All characters also start with a Dragonriders’ signet ring.

Players may choose 4 traits, 2 flaws, and 2 free feats for being a Dragonrider. Traits can be chosen from the same list as long as you can justify it with your characters background story. Hero points will also be used. All characters will start with 2. Hero point feats, spells, and magic items will be available in this campaign. Characters will also receive 1 free teamwork feat as long as everyone can agree on and take the same feat.

Hit dice are all maximized every level. All characters start with the following stats: 18, 18, 16, 16, 15, 13. Assign them as you see fit. Apply Racial modifiers after assigning stats.
Characters will start out at level 2 if anyone in the party chooses a +1 LA race for their character. The +1 LA character will be level 1 and non +1 LA characters will be level 2. No LA beyond +1 for now.

Enter the Dragonriders

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